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We have been operating a variety of theme-based tours for newly married honey moon couples and have been able to provide an relaxed and memorable trip completely planned from door step to destinations. The company specializes in exotic destinations and offers a host of packages and customize based on requests.

The land of amazing surprises, is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in the world. is known all over the world for its rich, unique and diverse culture and civilization. The regional cultural diversity in language, religion, ethos, customs, traditions, food and even costumes are amazing and unique in themselves. has preserved its cultural heritage in various forms. Be it its magnificent forts, palaces amazing temples and their architectural beauty dated back to 11 century's, Chettinadu Bungalow's, Heritage Home stays at Kerala, mosques and churches; spicy and delicious cuisine delicacies or innumerous colorful and vibrant festivals, India has it all, making it one of the most favorite cultural destinations in the world. Visit some of the most famous cultural destinations of India known for their cultural and architectural uniqueness. Deoliwin Leisure Explorer offers you an exciting range of specially designed India cultural tour packages that will take you to the most fascinating and culturally rich cities and towns of India. Enjoy a unique, exciting and memorable India Culture tour to discover the rich cultural heritage of a wonderful country called India
India is a thrilling adventure holiday destination. You can choose from a wide range of adventure tours in India, while on your Indian Holiday. You can enjoy mountaineering trekking, camping, rock climbing on various mountain ranges, while on adventure tours in India. Feel the thrill of white water rafting and kayaking on the rivers of India. Take off from lofty cliffs and soar like a bird, while hang gliding or parasailing in India. If you're a wildlife enthusiast, you're sure to enjoy wild life safari tours to the National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India. We also specialize in mountain biking, Walking tours deep into the thick forest, Photography tours, cycling tours etc. If water sports are what excite you, then India's long coastline and islands offer plenty of opportunities for water sports adventure tours in India. You can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, wind surfing and sailing, on adventure tours in India.
The beautiful country of India is blessed with numerous beaches. The beautiful beaches are a major tourist attraction in India. Amongst the best-known beaches of India are Goa, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andaman and the beaches of Lakshadweep. Each one of these beach destinations offers the best of beach tours to India 7500 km long Indian coastline offers the opportunities for the best of beach tours of India. Dona Paula Beach, Anjuna Beach and Colva Beach in Goa; Gopalpur-on-Sea and Puri Beach in Orissa; Sea Port at Mamallapura, tiny French colony at Pondicherry, Kovalam Beach in Kerala; are amongst the most popular beach tours of India.
Ecotourism is entirely a new approach in tourism. Ecotourism is a preserving travel to natural areas to appreciate the cultural and natural history of the environment, taking care not to disturb the integrity of the ecosystem, while creating economic opportunities that make conservation and protection of natural resources advantageous to the local people. In short, ecotourism can be categorised as a tourism programme that is - "Nature based, Ecologically sustainable, Where education and interpretation is a major constituent and Where local people are benefited." , the land of varied geography offers several tourist destinations that not just de-stress but also rejuvenate you. There are several ways to enjoy Mother Nature in most pristine way. The few places like the Himalayan Region, Kerala, the northeast India, Andaman Nicobar Islands and the Lakshdweep islands are some of the places where you can enjoy the treasured wealth of the Mother Nature. Thenmala in Kerala is the first planned ecotourism destination in India created to cater to the Eco-tourists and nature lovers.

India is a vast country with diversity in geography, culture, customs, traditions, eating habits, languages and way of dressing. Such diversity has resulted in various festivals being celebrated in India. You can call India the 'Land of Festivals', as you will find that there are festivals to celebrate every occasion with Deoliwin Leisure Explorer, you will learn about festivals that are religious in nature, associated with the lives of the people, change of seasons and harvesting.List of some major festivals in India

  • Carnival In Goa (In the month of February)
  • Holi In India( Festival Of Colours ) ( March )
  • Elephant Festival in Jaipur (On the Holi day)
  • Dussehra in India (Best in Mysore) (between October to November)
  • Thrissure Pooram, Kerala
  • Ganesh Chaturthi, Mumbai (between August and September)
  • Diwali in (Row's of lighted Lamps)
  • Durga Puja,Bengal
  • Pushkar Festival, Rajasthan
  • Kerala Boat race festival

All mankind needs purification of the body, mind and the soul. To achieve the same pilgrimage holidays have been designed. The secularism of India and the variety of religions followed by the people of the country are amazing. The faith reflected in the chanting of 'Om', 'Budham Sharanam Gachami' and 'Wahe Guru' all remind us of the Almighty and focus on the gospel of peace and love for humanity.Being a country of the pious,India is dotted with pilgrimages. Thus, Pilgrimage tourism in India is extremely popular. Great religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism have originated on the Indian soil. The unity in diversity is the keyword for the grand country. The Hindus flock to take a dip in the holy rivers, the Sikhs walk up to a height of 4329 meters through the difficult terrain to reach the Hemkund Sahib. The cradle of Buddhism, devotees from the world over frequent the holy city of Sarnath. We at Deoliwin Leisure Explorer specialize in Temple tours of South India, North India Buddhist Tours. We provide special services to our guests like visiting the fanfare ceremony at Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple< till the Har Ki Pairi at Brahmakund in Haridwar and Navagraha (Nine Planets).

If the cultural heritage of a country is revealed by its arts and crafts then India is for sure very rich. In the Indian sub content itself the formidable maritime empire of Orissa with its ethnic past is enchanting. The talented craftsmen are versatile as well as varied. The diversity of the skills men has been carrying of with the age-old tradition of different forms of art and craft. With the passage of time the artists have successfully retained the indigenousness of their skills and at the same time have refined them. The fusion of the carrying on with the legacy as with as developing their art forms makes them as the perfect example of amalgamation of trend and tradition. The arts and crafts of Kerala portray the cultural heritage of the land which is a fine blend of Dravidian and Aryan influences. The various art forms in Kerala are known worldwide and they can be categorized as Performing Arts, Ritual Arts and Martial Arts. These arts of Kerala are vibrant, and performed immaculately to the accompaniment of vocal and instrumental music, captivating viewers with an ethereal experience.

Museums are the storehouse of the historical, scientific, artistic and cultural treasures. The conservation of the valuables is indispensable for the knowledge of the heritage. The items at display are much beyond mere antique pieces; they are the masterpieces of the artists, the storytellers of our history and clues to many mysteries.The country of India, with its past of several thousands of years, has several museums with amazing collections. The range of the items on display is phenomenal. Right from the excavated objects, fossils of plants and animals, rock paintings to items in iron, bronze, gold; palaeo-botanical remains and archeological remains, the museums house a great cultural heritage. Next time you need to break free from the fast paced life and would like to travel back in time visit the Museums, the focal points of the heritage conservation that are located in different cities of India.

  • Taraporewala Aquarium Museum- Mumbai.
  • The Calico Museum Textile Museum in Ahmedabad
  • Indian Museum at Kolkatta - preservation, photography, presentation, modeling, education and library. 4.Museum's in Delhi.
    1. The National Museum - comprise of outstanding sculptures and paintings.
    2. The Nehru Museum - can be visited to get an insight into the independence movement of the country.
    3. The International Dolls Museum -The look at the collection of the 6000 dolls at the International Dolls Museums is something that promises to be popular with all ages.
    4. The Museum - For the train lovers Delhi offers the Rail Museum. The Rail Transport Museum has locomotives and carriages on display that narrate the history of the Indian Railways. For the kids the trip aboard the toy train is a must.
  • The Sarnath Archeological Museum - Has the figures and sculptures that date back to the Mauryan, Kushan and Gupta period of Sarnath. While holidaying in Sarnath you must not miss the Ashokan Pillar, the prime attraction of the archeological museum.
  • The Government Central Museum or the Albert Hall. Located in the Ran Niwas Bagh of Jaipur the museum boasts of antique exhibits. The museum has items in Metal, Wood and Pottery. The captivating carpets and the pulsating painting attract several tourists to the museum.
  • The Kangra Art Gallery - The hilly Indian state of Himachal Pradesh houses the Kangra Art Gallery. The museum is renowned for its collection of sculptures, pottery and anthropological items. Amongst the must checkouts at the museum are the artefacts that date back to the fifth century.
  • Thanjavur Art Gallery of Tamil Nadu - Down south you may enjoy your museum holiday of India at the Thanjavur Art Gallery of Tamil Nadu. The palace that houses the museum is an architectural marvel in itself. The spectacular south Indian stone sculptures are sure to sweep you off your feet. The exhibits in the art gallery date back to the Pallava and the Nayak period.

Cruising along the backwaters of Kerala is an ideal way to discover the real Kerala. The placid backwaters that stretch for over fifteen hundred kilometers are covered with swinging palm trees.The backwaters are an integral part of the people of Kerala both in terms of economy as well as lifestyle. They are also used for transportation of people and products between villages as well as towns. The boats used are termed as "Kettuvalloms" i.e. stitched boats since the boats are constructed by stitching coconut ropes together with wooden planks. Across the state of Kerala, the backwaters comprise of several canals, rivers, lagoons and lakes.

Amidst the stress of the daily activities our mind yearns for tranquility. Often it is temporarily attained by a walk on the seashore or by gazing at the soothing sunrise. So what better way to relax than to take a break and opt for the soothing activities yoga and meditation?Practicing Yoga and meditation are not just key techniques to unwind you. They can be opted to channelize your mind, rejuvenate your soul and keep your body fit. It is in the coordination of the three: body, soul and mind that the perfect state of composure can be attained. Yoga clubs the rhythm of the body with the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul, to create symphony of life. The term Yoga is perhaps linked to the English word 'Yoke'. Probably Yoga means to 'yoke' the body, mind and soul together. The practice of Yoga aims at uniting the three. Yoga originated way back in the 4th century BC.

Vacations are more than sun - sand sea. It's time for the rejuvenation of your mind and body. We at India adhere to the age-old philosophy of Ayurveda - in a traditional way - that's what makes India a different locale to visit. Ayurveda, which means the science of healthy living, derives its name from the Sanskrit words, ayush (life) and veda (knowledge). It looks at healing in a holistic fashion. The physical treatment has overtones of philosophical and psychological approaches too. Any ailment in the body is viewed as a result of a combination of factors with special reference to the components of diet. It is here that Ayurveda recognizes that each individual is different and so treatment too should be customized. The Ayurvedic principles are found in detail in Atharva Veda, one of the four Vedas of Hinduism. We have contracted with beautiful Ayurvedic Resorts throughout the year, The most of the Ayurvedic packages based on God's own country 'Kerala'.

We at Deoliwin Leisure Explorer have long been helping our guests with necessary arrangements in many exciting programs, and we take immense pleasure in doing so for you at any given point of time. Our major strength has been our ability to virtually customize every program at no additional cost as we know the region and the business best, also we can suggest the combinations of the above tours.